It’s that age old battle of the sexes – men versus women. A research study of drivers has revealed the answer. Read the top ten reasons on why women are better drivers than men.

Jennings Motor Group have produced their findings from their research in the infographic below.

Here’s a summary of the statistics:

  • 57% of male drivers have been involved in a crash, compared to only 44% of women
  • 46% of male drivers have had a close call with a cyclist or pedestrian compared to only 35% of women
  • 1 in 5 men use their mobile phones while driving
  • Men are 5% more likely to have lost concentration by changing the stereo
  • In 2007, women were involved in 27% less crashes than men
  • 13% of men ignore restricted speed limits, compared to only 6% of women


Infographic via Jennings Motor Group Click Image to Enlarge.

10 Reasons Women Are Better Drivers


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