Have you noticed the road markings across England are disappearing? A survey of 2,500 miles around England by the Road Safety Markings Association revealed that half the roads markings are in dire need of attention.

  • 52% of markings on motorways
  • 42% on dual carriageways
  • And 48% on single carriageways need immediate replenishment

George Lee, RSMA national director, described it as “shameful” that so many road markings in England fail to meet the required standard.

“Despite continuing to give assurances of their commitment to road safety, those responsible for the upkeep of our roads continue to neglect the most cost-effective safety device available to road engineers, the white line,” he said.

“These markings have already been paid for because we, as taxpayers, are paying to have the roads maintained properly, including the markings, and this is just not happening.

“The robust evidence in our survey and in this report proves this to be the case.”

Have you noticed?

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