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Wheel Damage Waiver

Wheel Damage Waiver

Did you know alloy wheel scuffs are excluded from the BVRLA’s fair, wear and tear standards? And we know how likely it is that your wheels will be damaged during lessons so we have come up with a cost-effective way for you to avoid charges at the end of your lease with us.

When you take out a new lease car with us why not add on the wheel damage waiver for £72 over the length of your lease to cover all four alloy wheel scuffs.

Frequently asked questions

How much does the wheel damage waiver cost?

£72 plus VAT (which will be spread across your lease length) protect your alloy wheels from end of lease charges for scuffs.

Typical example based on lease length (examples include VAT)

12 months: £7.20pm

18 months: £4.80pm

24 months: £3.60pm

36 months: £2.40pm

Does it cover all four wheels on the car?

Yes, the wheel damage waiver will protect you against scuff charges on all four alloys.

Does it cover diamond cut alloys?

Yes. All wheel types are covered under this policy.

Is there anything the waiver does not cover?

Misshapen alloys that have dents or distortion are not covered by the waiver and will be subject to end of lease charges. The waiver does not cover damage to any other part of the vehicle other than the alloy rims.

I’m an existing customer, can I add the wheel damage waiver to my lease?

We can only offer the alloy wheel waiver at the beginning of your lease and it cannot be added once you have received delivery of the vehicle.

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