Setting the right lesson price is the cornerstone of your business. Chief Examiner of DIAmond Advanced Motorists shares his thoughts in the latest edition of Driving Instructor magazine. Here’s a summary of the feature article.

Mike Frisby has been working in the driver and rider training profession since 1990 and has worked with Driving Instructor Association (DIA) for the last four years.

In his feature article, Mike talks frankly to driving instructors about their choices for lesson prices.

All too often, driving instructors forget to think like businesses. Mike said: “ADIs find many ways to set prices, some of which have absolutely no bearing on what you want or need to earn, or whether you can actually afford to charge the set price.”

In the rest of the feature, Mike goes on to talk about the costs involved as a driving instructor.

“Leasing a car does simplify the process”

The biggest expense as a driving instructor is your car.

Mike championed leasing over purchase in the article adding: “…you will generally pay a monthly fee that includes most of the running costs, whereas if you purchase a car, you will have to forecast your running costs.”

He also said: “There is also a cost to you any time the car is at the garage, since you won’t be earning income without a car.”

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Other costs that Mike talks about include teaching and learning materials, stationary, promotion and continued professional development (CPD).

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Check out the latest copy of Driving Instructor magazine to read the full article by Mike Frisby. The online version of the DIA magazine will be out later this week on their website.