For many driving instructors, December is a quiet month. But what if Santa was a driving instructor? We decided to get creative and come up with a list…

What if Santa was a driving instructor

  • With so many presents to deliver the speed cameras would be flashing
  • There would be no room on the back seats for Santa to ride along when his learners take their tests because it would be filled with presents
  • Santa would be feeling generous with his naughty or nice list after leaving the test centre

Santa parcels

  • He would be calling Hitachi and requesting a bigger make and model car to fit his full frame
  • Plus a spacious boot to convert into the Elve’s toy workshop
  • He would not cancel lessons for snow days
  • And Santa would take lesson bookings on Christmas Eve but what the learners wouldn’t realise is that they would be his taxi service from house to house
  • The learners would become Santa’s reindeers but he would regret taking the booking with the learner with a heavy cold and bright red nose
  • By mid-morning on Christmas day Santa would be banned from driving for life after being way over the limit from all the mulled wines and Irish coffees left by the families and children he visited in the night

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