Next week, we’ll be joining thousands of driving instructors in boosting the positive energy in the industry. Driving Instructor Positivity Week is aimed at stimulating conversations that encourage peers and demonstrate the good work that driving instructors do every day.

Here’s some of the background about the origins of Positivity Week.

What is #DIPW?

Fed up with all the negative comments between ADIs online, Chris Bensted decided to set-up the event.

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Gareth Marchant summed it up nicely with this rap he posted of the Driving Instructor Positivity Week Facebook event page.

A certain Mr Bensted, he planted a seed
To counteract the negatives on our Facebook feed
Positivity Week is for driving instructors
He named it that, and he called us to muster

Many have responded in the way that he wanted
Supporters came out; they are not daunted
Mac McDade, ADI News
And others who are with him in their positive views

This little rhyme is a small contribution
to show positivity’s a solid constitution
Look to the future, to make things better
for yourself or the industry – be a goal setter!

Just one week, that’s all that Chris has asked
To do something positive; not an onerous task
May 5th to 11th are the chosen dates
Maybe you could use it to charge higher rates?

So a call to you all, my fellow ADIs
What will be the actions that YOU are gonna try?
Remember all that’s needed is for it to be
something that shows your Positivity!

What is positivity?

For this event, positivity is about your actions and attitudes. Check out this summary of the key traits a positive person possesses.

positive attitude

How we’re supporting the event

Throughout the week ahead we will be joining in posting positive updates on social media plus we’ve got a fab line-up of articles to come.

Look out for:

  • Can a positive attitude improve road safety?
    I’ll take a closer look at what positivity can do to us when we’re in the car and if there are any benefits to road safety
  • How to turn a negative into a positive
    The way you phrase your questions and answers can have a big impact. I’ll give you some tips on how to switch round your words/thinking before you speak
  • Top 10 quotes about happiness
    Famous quotes and proverbs to get us all through the mid-week hump that is Wednesday
  • Do this every day and you will feel energised
    I’ll reveal the one habit that will change the way you feel every day. It’s tried and tested and renowned by a celebrity chat show host.
  • Easy exercises to do in your car
    Exercising releases endorphins which boosts our happiness. Let’s take a look at some easy exercises you can squeeze in between a jam packed day of lessons and tests.

QUIZ – win up to £100 off your next sign writing plus more!

We’ve given up to £100 sign writing as a prize in the weekly quiz being organised by Mac McDade at Ideas4ADIs.

How you can get involved

There are lots of ways you can get involved and help show everyone that driving instructors can be positive and the benefits of being positive too.

  • Join us on Twitter #dipw
  • Sign up to the event on Facebook
  • Take part in the daily quiz
  • Tell us how you’re going to be more positive