A fellow ADI is calling on other instructors to join together for a week of support and positivity across the industry and we’re inviting all of you to get involved.

keep-calm-and-radiate-positivityHow positivity week was born

Chris Bensted launched the Driving Instructor Positivity Week after looking through forums and Facebook groups and noticing a negative theme.

Chris set-up the Facebook group – I’m a driving instructor (ADI or PDI) & I’m on Facebook – five years ago. The group now has more than 2,700 members.

He said: “There is a lot of apathy and negativity between instructors but they don’t take that negativity into lessons. In fact, we turn negatives into positives for pupils. So why can’t we be positive with each other?”

Chris announced positivity week, which will take place from 5-11 May and invited all driving instructors to get involved.

After posting in the open Facebook group about the event Chris started to notice more positive posts straight away. He said: “I’ve been tagged in posts that are positive and more people are being kind. It’s a start but I think all the little changes can make a big difference.”

tumblr_lf59m3WGns1qgrha4o1_500  Whose involved

There is already over 180 people who have signed up to the open Facebook event page to pledge they are supporting positivity week.

Plus, there are groups and companies who have said they’ll be getting involved.

Fresh Start will be posting a podcast each day, there will another push for the Children in Need relay (read our blog about this event) and Chris will be recording a special  Dipod about positivity too.

Look out for special blogs from us that week too.

 How you can get involved tooglass-half-full

Now it’s your turn to tell us how you will be supporting positivity week.

Chris said: “Some instructors have told me they’ll be running competitions with pupils and others said they’ll just be more positive online.”

Share your ideas:

On Twitter use the hashtag #dipw or post on the Facebook event page.