Its summer time and we know you might use your car for business and personal use so here’s some information if you’re looking to travel abroad with your lease car.

Staycations and self-drive holidays are hot trends right now so if you’re ready to lift off the top box and give the dual controls a rest then read on to find out what you need to do to prepare a trip away with your lease car.


When you travel abroad with your lease car you will need to carry a VE103B certificate which we will provide you for £25 including VAT. This certificate would then be valid for the duration of your lease on your current car.

EU breakdown cover

If you have a fully maintained lease with us then you have RAC roadside and home start assistance in the UK. If you are travelling abroad you will need to obtain your own European breakdown cover.


You need to advise your insurance company of your intentions to travel abroad. If your car is insured through us then please let us know when you request your VE103B certificate.

Travel essentials

If you’re travelling to France then don’t forget to invest in a breathalyser. From June 2012, it became compulsory on French roads to carry a portable breathalyser. The kits enable motorists to check if they are under the French limit of 50mg per 100ml of blood which is 30mg lower than the UK. Motorists in France are also legally obliged to carry a warning triangle and fluorescent vest.

Don’t forget that your car must display the appropriate country identification letters (e.g. GB). Failure to do so may result in an on-the-spot fine, but if your number plates include the GB Euro symbol, you do not need a sticker within the EU.

RAC advice

For top tips, check lists and more advice see the RAC European travel advice page