Whether you are a new tweeter or a social media whizz, here’s a list of top 50 Twitter accounts you should be following as a driving instructor.

We’ve spent the last couple of months watching our news feed and monitoring hashtags to find out who tweets best. Plus, we gave you a chance to join the list by shamelessly asking you to RT and follow us!

1. @instructorcars

Of course we’re starting with a plug for our own Twitter account. Get driving tips, offers and links to the latest news from our Twitter feed

2. @RoadioHQ

If you’ve not read one of their articles yet then open a new screen and start browsing. The fun and quirky blog site is run by the son of an ADI

3. @DSAgovuk

Will they change their Twitter handle in the New Year? Who knows but for now they’re number 3 in our list of top 50 Twitter accounts driving instructors should follow.

Get advice, info on tests and test centres and more.

4. @DontTwive

Can you guess what this Twitter account is all about? Don’t tweet and drive #tweetsafe is aimed at raising awareness and reminding us all to keep our hands on the wheel and our eyes on the road.

5. @RoadRespect

If you’ve not entered their #sobersanta competition yet there’s still time! Choose the right kind of drink for Santa and be in with a chance to win an iPad. Another great awareness Twitter account for drivers.

 6. @THINKgovuk

Great Twitter account providing statistics and interesting facts about road safety

7. @Linda_DSA

Shares great advice and is always happy to reply to tweets

8. @the_DIA

Get some great links to the latest news for driving instructors plus the low down on the next events run by the ADI membership body

9. @studidit

An instructor trainer who loves to share tips, retweet and chat. Thanks for sharing our tweets Stu!

10. @ADINJChq

If you’ve missed the tweets from DSA then ADINJC will help you re-cap with a retweet. A must follow for ADI’s wishing to support the industries not-for-profit organisation

11. @LessonsUK

Providing some great tweets on driving and complying a daily newsletter via Twitter of ADI news

12. @FreshADIs

Put February 24 2014 in your calendar because Fresh Start will open its doors once again. Get the latest podcasts and offers from FreshADIs

13. @GedandClaire

Get the latest links to their fun and creative blogs about driving instructors and the industry

14. @DrivingWorks

If you live in Lincolnshire follow DrivingWorks for up-to-date traffic/road news

15. @Blainewalsh

Have you heard about the ADI Children in Need relay challenge? Well, Blaine’s wife Louise kick started the challenge on Facebook.

Follow Blaine on Twitter for updates on this plus news on the Golden L Fresh Awards and drivinginstructor.tv

16. @JMDriving

Useful ADI updates from the Leicestershire/Rutland based driving instructor

17. @MSAGB

Find out what this membership body is all about by following them on Twitter

18. @REDDriving

Fun facts and photos plus news to help you in your job daily

19. @adiNEWSMagazine

Get the latest on the magazine plus find out about competitions and more

 20.  @gazcowie

Follow this ADI for industry updates and more

21. @Ideas4ADIs

Really useful tweets from the company that provides products and training for the industry

22. @Highways_Agency

Find out about the latest roads closure, accidents and more

23. @transportgovuk

Useful road statistics and government updates

 24. @jg_drive

Driving instructor who shares news and celebrates learner passes via Twitter

25. @Horgis_Driving

Santa turned driving instructor who inspired our ‘What if Santa was a driving instructor’ blog

26. @GSLPete

Driving instructor sharing links and advice for other ADIs

27.  @Topnotchdriving

Driving instructor sharing some great links

28. @snowwatchGB

Let’s hope we won’t need to follow this one too closely but just incase add snowwatchgb to your follow list to find out the latest on the snow

29. @Fletch_Driving

Great advice for instructors and offers for learners

30. @Harrogate_ADI

Very social Twitter account who loves to share and give shout outs if you’re doing a good job

31. @brakecharity

A charity dedicated to preventing road deaths. Support the cause by following them on Twitter

32. @IAMgroup

Good advice and links from the Institute of Advanced Motorists

33. @HighwayCodeGB

Tweets key facts from the Highway Code – a useful daily reminder

34. @TyreSafe

Annual Tyre Safety week Twitter accounts provides useful advice throughout the year

35. @twldriving

Practical advice to use in your lessons and lesson planning from a driving instructor

36. @PutOnTheBRAKES

Brakes is a not-for-profit organisation that helps teens and parents learn about road safety

37. @igodrive

Driving school sharing congratulation messages about its learners


We know how much the weather can affect the roads and ultimately your business so this is a Twitter account to watch for updates

39. @DriversKnowledge

Tips, advice about road safety and road education

40. @RAC_Breakdown

They look after our contract cars if they breakdown and share some good advice on Twitter too

41. @BillPlantDrivin

Great advice for ADIs

42. @BecomeADI

Up to the minute news from a social media whizz driving instructor

43. @ukadi_

Free online driving test videos and tips

44. @chicanedavid

More great links from the Beckenham based driving instructor

45. @thinkdriving

Driving school based in the South of England and London sharing ADI news


Harrogate Association of ADIs sharing advice and more

47. @GoodEggDrivers

Information and advice for new drivers and their parents

48.  @BedfordDrivers

Driving instructor sharing some great links and advice

49.  @Road_Ahead

Female driving instructor sharing some great links

50.  @carlmetro

ADI based in Bedfordshire tweeting about his lessons

Your turn

Share your top Twitter accounts with us by sending us a tweet @instructorcars