How many cars did the world’s strongest man pull? And how far would the average driver walk to avoid parking charges? Find out this and more in our list of top 10 motoring stats we found interesting in this month’s adiNEWS.

adiNEWS is a monthly magazine for driving instructors and the driver training industries. Each month we pick out some of the most interesting statistics and research included in the magazine’s editorial.

Check out the motoring statistics from January’s issue below.

  1. 4 out of 5 UK motorists are at risk of gadget overload (Zurich)
  2. A third of drivers don’t enjoy driving (IAM)
  3. Motorists living in rural areas are twice as likely to have a drink or drug-driving conviction as those based in urban areas (
  4. 60 page free guide with maintenance and fuel saving tips is available to download from Car Care Council
  5. 1 in 7 youngsters drive without glasses despite knowing they have poor eyesight (Think About Your Eyes)
  6. 48% of men passed first time their driving test this year compared to 44% of women (
  7. The World’s Strongest Man – Zydrunas Savickas – broke the Guinness World Record for the most cars pulled by one man when he pulled 12 Nissan Note cars weighing a total of 12,941kg over 5 metres in just 32.9 seconds
  8. London motorists pay £500 a year more for car insurance on average than drivers elsewhere in the UK (Zipcar)
  9. The average driver will walk half a mile rather than pay parking charges (Viewsbank)
  10. 27% of people surveyed admitted to trying to cross moving water of nearly 30cm deep (AA and Enivornment Agency)


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