How many drivers admit to breaking law every day? Find out this and more with our round-up of key motoring stats included in this month’s adiNEWS magazine.

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Each month, we pick out some of the best stats from the month. Here’s the latest research statistics from December’s adiNEWS.

  1. Commuters spend an average of nine working days per year stuck in traffic jams (First Car)
  2. Drivers with children in the car spend 20% of their time in the car turning around or looking in the mirror to check on them (Monash University)
  3. A motorist who was caught speeding at 130mph had a cup of tea between his leg because his Mercedes Benz E-Class did not have a cup holder
  4. 78% of daily drivers admit to breaking the law every day (Vouchercodespro)
  5. One in five drivers have admitted to nodding off while behind the wheel (Post Office Car Insurance)
  6. Did you know a camera operator or enforcement vehicle should be clearly visible from 60 metres where the speed limit is 40mph or lower (DfT)
  7. UK drivers will pay £38 billion – or £1,117 per head – in taxes this year (Local Government Association)
  8. 278 motorcyclists were killed in December 2012 (AA)
  9. 40% believe that motorcyclists are inconsiderate (AA)
  10. The standards check will come into effect from 7 April 2014


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