How many drivers across Europe admit to speeding to work? And, what foods offer nutrients to sharpen reflexes? We’ve picked out some of the top motoring related statistics and facts from this month’s adiNEWS magazine.

adiNEWS is a monthly magazine aimed at the driving instructor industry and each month we look through the jam-packed mag to see what’s new, what’s coming up and how motoring and driver training is changing.

Here’s what we discovered inside the pages of adiNEWS in the March 2014 issue:

  1. 63% of drivers surveyed in Britain, France, Germany and Spain admitted to speeding while driving for work (Mix Telematics)
  2. More than a third of those surveyed said they sped every weekEating at the wheel
  3. 6 in 10 people have eaten at the wheel (Brake and Direct Line)
  4. Spinach and eggs could help sharpen reflexes and therefore improve road safety according to research from Amsterdam
  5. 54% of 1,500 drivers surveyed admitted to missing a turning because they were distracted (Vision Critical and IAM Group)
  6. Young drivers (18-25 year olds) are said to be most likely in danger of distraction with 35% struggling to recall their last journey
  7. We might soon see the installation of covert speed cameras on our motorways. The grey boxes with no white floor markings are being considered by the police
  8. 39% of drivers surveyed by Allianz Insurance said they had seen or knew about an accident outside a school
  9. Three quarters of parents surveyed had also witnessed aggressive driving in the hunt for a parking space
  10. Bad parking angers 80% of UK motorists (

For more information about these statistics and to read the features grab your copy of adiNEWS.

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