Setting lesson prices is a hot topic for driving instructors because there are split opinions on what is right. Let’s take a look at some of the common ways driving lesson prices are set and tips on how to calculate your worth.

To start this topic I asked an open question on Facebook. Here are some of the initial responses I received.

FB pricesSome instructors fall into the trap of picking a number based on little or no evidence.

Earlier this year, motoring expert Mike Frisby, said that ‘pricing is the cornerstone of an ADI’s business’ and explained how every driving instructor needs a structured pricing plan.

He said: “The price calculation should not come down to guesswork.”

Mr Frisby went on to talk about what questions you need to ask yourself before calculating the costs.

“For a driving instructor the largest expenses will probably be the cost of purchasing/leasing your car.” He followed this up by advocating leasing as a good option.

“Leasing a car does simplify the process, as you will generally pay a monthly fee that includes most of the running costs.”

We caught up with the author of ADI Part 4, Marc Ford, who said he’s always staggered by the number of instructors who have not completed a SWOT analysis.

He said: “You’ve got to know your numbers and budget for everything from your car, insurance, to your marketing, fuel and everything in between. I don’t think enough people work out how much it will cost them to earn a living.”

“Calculate your costs, be smart and you will be able to work out what you can offer and keep your overheads low.”

Marc has already sold more than 200 copies of his business planning book which has been labelled the must-have book for all driving instructors.

(Read my review of ADI Part 4 and get the link to order your copy here)


It’s about the sizzle not sausage

When you are writing your business plan to help you calculate the right price for you and your business remember what you are providing – individual freedom.

You are selling your skills and expertise and ability to teach learners within a reasonable timescale.

Parents need security and learners want the best opportunity of passing their test.

Once you have a business plan and a place to start from you can start calculating your worth based on your recommendations. Ask yourself, how easy is it for you to fill up your diary? If you have a better understanding of what you are selling then you will have confidence in setting your prices.