Driving instructors work hard to keep our roads safe and to teach people how to drive effectively. But, after time bad habits can creep in. Let’s take a look at some statistics and the most common bad habits we see on our roads.

1.     Driving distracteddriving distracted

It’s no surprise this is number one in the list. We’ve all seen the campaigns for drink driving and using mobiles behind the wheel. 40% of accidents in 2010 were caused by the drivers failing to correctly observe what’s going on around them.

This statistic is alarming and even more so when you look at the details:

  • 72% admitted to eating food regularly while driving
  • 31% sent text messages while driving in 2013
  • 21% said they could not take their eyes off billboard adverts

2.     Aggressive driving and road rage

There is a real urgency about life these days. If you’re on a website and it doesn’t load or a link is broken you’ll soon move on to another site and forget the first one you tried. Similarly, on the road rush-hour can be a nightmare for many.

  • 85% of motorists have experienced frustration on the roads due to what they perceive as the errors of others
  • Did you know 5.45pm is the peak time for drivers to get angry – Friday evenings and Monday morning commutes being the worst
  • Men have been found to lose their temper behind the wheel more easily than women

3.     Tailgating

Tailgating should perhaps be higher in this list because it could in fact cause road rage. If a driver is following very close it could make the red mist come down. A tailgater is someone who drives closer than 1 second behind the vehicle in front of them.

  • 79% said people driving too closely behind them annoyed them more than any other driving habit
  • 40% of motorway drivers tailgate
  • Did you know you should always allow at least 2 second gap

4.     Poor parking

It’s on the driving test manoeuvres list and if you’re on the road you should have passed your test. So, what’s the excuse for poor parking?

There’s no hiding in this century – you’ll find your car posted on Facebook. A Facebook page called ‘Spotted: Parking like a T***’ has more than 17,000 likes and features photos of poorly parked cars.

5.     Speeding

It’s a big one and something that can cause 4 times more fatal accidents on rural roads.

  • Did you know speeding is the second most common bad habit of learner drivers who are taught by their parents

The infographic was produced by The Car Buying Service.

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