Find out what Kevin Emery from Click Drive discovered about his teaching style when he took his first standards check.
Kevin was one of the first driving instructors to enter our competition to win two tickets to this year’s ADINJC Conference. We’re inviting instructors to tell us their experience of the standards check to share online.
Here’s Kevin’s story…

Although Kevin has been a driving instructor for six years and has been through the check test before, the way the new standards check has been marketed he was a little nervous.Click Drive

“I think everyone has been a little worried about the standards check and their own abilities but at the end of the day you just have to be yourself.”

Before his standards check in April, Kevin read articles online and spoke to other instructors on the Facebook group – I’m a driving instructor (ADI & PDI) & I’m on Facebook – to get their advice.

The standards check examiner joined Kevin and a pupil for a lesson a day before the pupil’s final driving test.

Kevin went through mirrors and the emergency stop with his pupil.
“The biggest learning from the day is that I need to give my pupil’s more chance to think and answer questions.”
Kevin’s teaching style tends to be quite directive and his examiner advised him to let the pupil have a little space to think and work out the answer first before being told.

“The examiner was brilliant, we made me feel at ease and gave some constructive feedback. I’m now going to work on my teaching style by stepping back and letting the pupil’s think more.”
Kevin passed his standards check with a grade B and his pupil also passed their driving test the next day too.

What advice would you give to someone about to take their standards check?

“Be yourself or if you know someone who has taken their standards check already then see if you can sit with them to get some advice.”

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