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There’s been a different quiz every day this in celebration of Driving Instructor Positivity Week.

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In case you’ve missed this week’s positive blogs, here’s a round-up.

  • Can a positive attitude improve road safety?
    We’re looking at the benefits of a positive attitude and if it can have an impact behind the wheel and ultimately on road safety.

It’s the start of Driving Instructor Positivity Week so let’s start by looking at the benefits of a positive attitude.

  • How to turn a negative into a positive
    The way you phrase your questions and answers can have a big impact. Here’s some tips on how to switch round your words/thinking before you speak
  • Top 10 quotes about happiness
    Famous quotes and proverbs to get us all through the mid-week hump that is Wednesday.
  • Do this every day and you will feel energised
    If you want to feel energised and improve your outlook on life then continue reading and I’ll share a tip with you. If you follow this advice every day then research suggests you’ll reap the benefits.

Still to come

  • Easy exercises to do in your car
    Exercising releases endorphins which boosts our happiness. Let’s take a look at some easy exercises you can squeeze in between a jam packed day of lessons and tests.