A new road safety campaign was launched last week via social media – if you’ve seen people posting pictures of their thumb nail painted bright red then read on to find out what it’s all about.

The Red Thumb campaign focusses on driver distraction and mobile phone use. The campaign originated in America and the Learn2Live in Devon contacted them to get permission to use their campaign theme to spread the message in the UK.My Red Thumb

Many of you will have heard or will be involved with The Honest Truth campaign, well Learn2Live work with them to promote road safety campaigns to driving instructors and local road safety partnership groups.

Nigel Flower, road safety officer for Devon County Council, said: “This campaign is particularly aimed at new drivers because they have grown up attached to their mobile phone.

“It’s more about habit as much as anything else and the red thumb campaign is a behavioural change technique aimed at reminding drivers about the dangers of being distracted.”

EM Highways Red Thumb  Get involved

We asked Nigel how can individuals show their support? And he said: “Paint their thumb. It doesn’t have to be red, just paint it or put a sticker on your nail to show you support the campaign and post us your photo on our social media accounts.”

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