Local councils are turning more street lights off between midnight and 5am – but is it compromising road safety? Personally, this is something that makes me feel unsafe in my own neighbourhood. I wanted to find out what driving instructors thought about this idea too.

Earlier today I posted the question on Facebook. If you take a look at the snapshot below you’ll see that the comments so far are against street lights being turned off.

street lights facebook comments

We asked around the office to see what our staff thought of the idea too.

Chantelle Pears, service delivery coordinator at Hitachi Capital, said: “I dread going home when it’s dark out, whether I’m walking up to my house or getting a taxi home it’s dangerous because you’re can’t see a thing.

“I believe the scheme will cause an increase in crime such as burglary’s, vandalism and attacks. As a young woman I feel uneasy on my own street at night.”

So, where did the scheme come from and what’s the purpose of turning off the street lights?

The switch off scheme is said to save £1 million each year and reduce carbon emissions. In 2010, Campaign to Protect Rural England and the British Association’s Campaign for Dark Skies ran a survey about how people were being affected by light pollution.

Since then, they surveyed councils and have found 23 out of 71 who responded have switched street lights off, with the majority between midnight and 5am. Last month, the Telegraph reported on a case in Essex where the street lights were turned back on due to road accident fears.