You might be familiar with the popular industry print magazines but how about online news sources for driving instructors? We set-up our blog at the end of 2013 but we want to introduce you to Roadio.

Roadio FoundersMawuli Ladzekpo is a son of a driving instructor was inspired to set-up the online magazine with his friend, Nick Daniels, and each week they post fun articles related to the ADI industry.

Mawuli said: “Roadio is all about providing free information, resources and technology for driving instructors. The inspiration for this was my Dad who was an independent driving instructor in Luton for many years.

“I learned so much from seeing him set up and operate his driving school business and I also noticed with the right information and technology there were lots of ways things could be better. So I got in touch with my friend Nick who is a technical whizz and we started bouncing around ideas on this, and that’s how Roadio started.”

He added: “The magazine’s been going since around last summer and we’ve also recently started road testing our first app. The response from the ADI community’s been really fantastic.”

The Roadio online magazine is segmented into five categories; news, features, opinions, insight and fun. Here’s a rundown of what’s included:

Roadio – news

In this section you will find some of the latest press releases from across the industry including news on drink driving campaigns, infographics about driving instructors being digital and the launch of the Golden L Awards.

Roadio – features

This is my favourite section – it’s where you can really see Mawuli and Nick’s delving into the industry. Some great articles including ‘7 videos that will shock your learners into driving better’ and ‘9 insane car innovations roads would be better off without’.

Roadio – opinion

Being a driving instructor is effectively lone working so any opportunity to network and share your thoughts is great. Check out the Roadio opinion section to see what others think about some of the hot driving instructor topics.

Roadio – insight

This section of Roadio will arm you with some top tips and tools including the Roadio series on winter driving secrets and their article on ‘14 clever tricks that will save you money on petrol’.

Roadio – fun

Now this is a must-see section if you need a pick-me-up after a long day of lessons and tests. My absolute favourite article on the whole site to date has to be the ‘38 situations only driving instructors can understand’. The quirky gif images and the quick-witted references are hilarious.


Roadio at Fresh Start

Next month, Roadio will be attending the Fresh Start conference in Worcester. As the official media partners of the event, Roadio have been supporting the team behind the event to create a real buzz about what’s to come. There will be around 200 people at Fresh Start on Monday, 24 February including the Hitachi team – so come and say hello at our trade stand.

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