Do you use signs on your vehicle to promote your business? If so, then you’ll know that your cars appearance is a key part of your businesses success. Read on for Hitachi Capital Driving Instructor Solutions top tips to keep your signage looking brand new.

There are two common types of signage used by driving instructors; magnetic signs and vinyl decals.

The latter is a self-adhesive vinyl that is usually fitted to a vehicle for prolonged use. Whereas the magnetic signs are perfect if you are using your car for non-work journeys.

Whichever signage solution you have it is important to maintain them to ensure they last long, continue to look brand new and give you a professional finish.

Taking care of newly applied signage

When you receive your new vehicle with its signage it is recommended that you do not wash it within the first 48 hours.

Hand washing your car will ensure that you take extra car when rinsing around the edges of your signs. If you use a jet wash be sure not to get too close to the vehicle as the power of the water could start to lift the signage and cause peeling or curling ends.

Maintaining magnetic signs

If you have magnetic signs then it is advisable to remove the signs regularly to be able to clean the magnetic side to remove any dust or dirt.

When you remove the signs be sure to store them somewhere that you can lie them flat. This will prevent any curls or humps forming.

Signwriting from Hitachi Capital

We provided signwriting services and if you choose to contract hire your car with us too we’ll have your signwriting added to your car before it is delivered – so there’s no off road time for you and your business.

All our signs are printed images with a clear laminate top to prevent it from fading.

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