Are you reaching for the thermals, turning up the heating and cooking more hot meals? The winter months are great for getting cosy but don’t forget your car needs some love and care too. We’ve created some top tips to help you avoid extra costs and keep your car on the road. Extra advice will be posted here regularly so bookmark this page in your favourites.

  1. Keep your tank full with fuel from premium suppliers
    Guzzling up the cheapest fuel is not always the best option. Better quality fuel is less likely to freeze.
    If your car is affected by fuel contamination be sure to know your rights – visit
  1. Look after your washer bottle
    Make sure you use the right amount of water to screen wash to prevent it from freezing and keep your car from blowing a fuse. If you own a Citroen or Peugeot this is an important piece of advice because the washer bottle is exposed and away from the engine so it’s up against the elements.
  1. Check the frost on your wipers before you turn the key
    Before you get the ignition going remember to make sure the window wipers are free to move and not frozen to your windscreen. Avoid broken or snapped window wipers by checking them before you get in your car.
  1. Don’t leave your running and unattended
    There have been many news stories talking about unsuspecting motorists having their vehicles stolen whilst they were busy de-icing the outside of their car.
    If you leave your keys in your car and unattended and it is subsequently stolen you will invalidate your insurance. So, don’t leave yourself penniless and without a car this Christmas – always keep your keys with you.
  1. How’s your pressure?
    Its Tyre Safety month and we want to remind you to check your pressure, tyre tread and spare. Winter tyres are not covered under our maintenance policy so if you wish to switch tyres for the colder months you will have to pay for them yourself. Check out this image below to see how under and over inflated tyres can affect your car.

Tyre tread

  1. Regularly check your lights (front, back and sides)
    Remember to check your lights weekly to ensure you are visible at all times.


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