Hitachi Capital Driving Instructor Solutions is to continue supporting The Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council (ADINJC) after resigning a joint sponsorship agreement that will see the two organisations working together in 2014.
The deal will see Hitachi Capital supporting the driving instructor industry through the ADINJC and appearing on the ADINJC website, in their newsletter and at their annual conference.


In addition, Hitachi Capital and ADINJC will run a joint survey in 2014 to be sent out to the 7,000 strong members with a prize supplied by Hitachi Capital on offer for those who enter the survey. Year round collaboration will come in the form of reciprocal sharing of links and updates on the social media accounts for both parties.

Established in 1973, the ADINJC is a non-profit making driving instructor organisation aimed at promoting the interests of driving instructors. Run by an annually elected Governing Committee made up of voluntary qualified and working driving instructors, the ADINJC acts as the central hub to provide support, advice and representation to fellow ADIs.


Lynne Barrie, chairperson of ADINJC comments: “We are extremely pleased to be continuing our sponsorship agreement with Hitachi Capital Driving Instructor Solutions for another year. It means our ADINJC members have access to up-to-date information and packages from HCDIS. We welcome the support received at our training events and annual conference and look forward to our continued relationship.”
Mike Brown, Hitachi Capital Driving Instructor Solutions general manager adds: “The ADINJC is a united voice for all UK driving instructors and with their wealth of support services, membership is a must for any serious ADI. We are delighted to be supporting the ADINJC in 2014 and look forward to working with them to unite the aims and objectives of ADIs across the country.”