Being a driving instructor can get lonely so we’ve re-launched our social media accounts to keep you company in between lessons and at test centres. Find out more about how we’re going social and how you can join in too.

What do you do with your time in between lessons and in the waiting area at the test centre? Would you like to read up on industry news or how about seeing some fab photos?

It can be hard working solo so it’s important to have the ability to share best practice with peers and sometimes just spend time networking and talking non-work related stuff too. Even if you are a part of a school or franchise, your days are spent in the company of learners and it can leave you feeling disconnected from fellow instructors.

We know from our research with adiNEWS that 85% of ADIs own a smartphone. Technology has made it even easier for us all to stay connected. There are free social media apps you can download on to your phone so you can get quick and easy access to each platform whenever you want.


The benefits of being social

As well as feeling connected there are other business related benefits to being social.

Did you know, search engines take your social media activity into account when deciding where your website should appear in the search results?

This means the more social you are, the better chance you will have at improving the search engine optimisation of your site.

Social media is designed to be a two-way platform. It’s not just another place for you to shout about how great you are. Social media is about listening too.

If you’re on Twitter you can use it just like a search engine but instead of searching for website links you can search for keywords in conversations.

For example, if you search ‘driving instructors’ you might come across someone asking for recommendations on driving instructors. This is your opportunity to connect with learners before they even know about you.

Remember that this opportunity is not about always pushing for a sale so try to use to offer advice and help too.

For example, you might search for ‘parallel parking’ and someone might be tweeting about their struggles and you could offer your expert advice.

Build up your brand awareness by being visible on social media. Re-share other people’s updates, comment back and demonstrate why a learner would choose your school over the others available.


Your invite

We’ve re-launched our social media profiles and now all we’re missing is you! We’re using the top 4 and here’s how to find us and what you can expect to see.

Twitter @instructorcars Twitter  @instructorcars

Twitter is known as a micro-blogging website because it allows you up to 140 characters (that’s words and spaces) to write an update. You can include links, photos and videos.

Why we love Twitter

  • Get instant access to the latest industry news

There are hundreds of approved driving instructors (ADIs) and those in training who are already tweeting. It’s a great community and its quick and easy to post a tweet when you hear about something interesting so it’s no surprise some experts predict that Twitter will overtake news website eventually.

  • Twitter is the new Google

The 20-something generation are using social media as their search engine – give it a try you might just like it! You can search for keywords and see conversations that contain those words. Its acceptable eavesdropping and the best chance you’ll get without being face-to-face to get to know your audience.


Facebook HCDIS Facebook  HCDIS

We want our fan page to be a community hub for our customers and a place for others to find out about the latest offers. See photos from our customers, join in our debates about the latest topics and get exclusive offers.


Google+ HCDIS Google+  Hitachi Capital Driving Instructor Solutions (HCDIS)

Remember when we said social media activity affects your search engine ranking? Well, some say Google has a favourite – its own product – Google+.

This platform is almost two years old and growing strong. We’re posting photos and sharing updates – come and join us!


Linkedin HCDIS Linkedin  Hitachi Capital Driving Instructor Solutions (HCDIS)

The average age of your audience is changing. More people are waiting until they are in their career before learning to drive. So where are all these young professionals? Connecting on Linkedin of course!

Create a personal profile, setup a company page and start networking. We’ve launched a company page and our marketing officer, Jemma Redden, has joined some ADI industry discussion groups.

“This is a great way to build relationships and trust. You can request company recommendations, send private messages and get personal endorsements.”

We will be using our company page to promote our latest blogs and news and list our products and services on offer.