New steps have been announced by the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, to reduce the soaring costs to keep us on the road.

MOT test prices to be frozen, fuel prices on motorway signs and a plan to weed out false whiplash claims – that’s the news that we’re all talking about today.

Plus, will driving test costs be reviewed too?

Robert Goodwill, the Roads Minister, has said the costs of theory tests, which is currently at £31, and practical driving tests, which is at £62 and the £50 charge to obtain a provisional license will also be reviewed and we hope to hear more on this later in the year or early 2014.


If you’ve got your annual MOT test coming up you’ll be pleased to know the prices are frozen until 2015 which means you cannot be charged more than £54.85.

Savvy shopper

There’s nothing worse than travelling along the motorway to realise you need to top up your fuel and that horrid feeling when you know the next garage you will pass will have sky high prices. Soon we will be able to be savvier with our choice of stops with the new fuel road signs that will display prices so you can compare prices and determine if your tank can hold on until you reach a better priced garage.

The new fuel road signs will be piloted next year.

Whiplash assessment

From 2014, there will be panels of medical assessors who will process each claimant in a bid to stop fraudsters from getting away with thousands of insurance money.

Advice for learners

It’s a bumper week for driver news and we want to know how you will be sharing this with your learners. What advice do you offer your learners about using fuel garages? Or how do you advise them on dealing with potential accidents?

Share your advice and top tips for other approved driving instructors (ADIs) by adding your comment below.