Ahead of the ADINJC’s biggest event of the year, Lynne talks to HCDIS about her career, the industry and what all driving instructors should be doing more of. Read the full feature interview.

Lynne Barrie ADINJCLynne Barrie was a teacher for 15 years and it wasn’t until she had a family that she decided to pursue a career as an ADI.

“I decided I wanted to work part-time so I studied and became qualified as a driving instructor.”

As a former classroom teacher Lynne, who lives in Staffordshire, took to her new role with ease.

“I don’t remember the first lesson I taught in the car but I remember my first test and I was thrilled I had taught my learner well as they passed.”

Lynne has now been working in the ADI industry for 18 years and during that time she has been involved with the ADI National Joint Council (ADINJC) for almost eight years, three of which she has been the chairperson for.

Driving instructors = road safety ambassadors

“I consider myself a road safety ambassador and that’s what all driving instructors are. We should be doing more to champion safer driving.”

Lynne has seen the industry change over the years and said it’s constantly evolving and hopes to see improvements to ADI standards.

“Next year we’ll see the introduction of the standards checks and I think it’s important that ADI’s stay current and keep learning.”

I love my job because…

“I get to meet new people all the time and I get to celebrate with them in their achievements when the pass their driving tests.”

It’s all about the learner

“I received a photo from a learner after they passed and it showed their children at the seaside and the message read ‘we were able to go to the beach because mummy could drive’ it’s such a nice feeling knowing I helped this learner get there.”

Lynne added: “I also train driving instructors and this is great because I am giving people a chance at a new career.”

Advice for newly qualified driving instructors

Lynne’s advice for ADIs or PDIs would be to get involved and experience a test.

“Join in and be a part of your local ADI network. Meet associations, attend events. They are competitors but it’s better to know your market place. It’s also a great idea to sit in the back of a learner’s test. It’s great experience and reminds you what’s involved in the process.”

ADINJC conference
“One of my goals was to hold the biggest industry event and I think I’ve achieved that with this conference.”

Around 300 driving instructors will gather in Dudley to celebrate the council’s 40th anniversary on Sunday, 6 October.

“There will be lots of freebies and things for delegates to get involved in on the day. We’ve also got a celebration evening meal too which will be great fun.

“I’m really looking forward to holding the event and seeing everyone enjoying the day.”

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