Hundreds of driving instructors have shown their support for a relay style challenge that was proposed on a Facebook page. Find out how you can join and more below.

I’m a driving instructor (ADI or PDI) & I’m on Facebook is an open group with more than 2,300 members.

Each day driving instructors share ideas and post questions in the group and generally just keep in touch with one another through the forum like platform.

On 15 November, millions tuned in to BBC to watch Children in Need. Louise Walsh was just one of them.

She posted:

Louise Walsh Facebook post

Within just a few hours she had dozens of responses.

“I honestly imagined that there would only be about 20 or so of us interested in the idea,” said Louise.

Inspired by the response Louise decided to see just how many people would be willing to put their name forward.

Louise Walsh Facebook post

It’s been around 48 hours and nearly 400 driving instructors have filled in the survey to show their support.

Louise said: “I left a space on the survey for people to write a comment or make a suggestion and I have been overwhelmed by the responses.”

Louise, who was a midwife for 17 years before becoming a driving instructor three and a half years ago, met her husband whilst training. Blaine Walsh runs and Louise had listened to his training videos for months before they met in person.

Louise and Blaine Walsh

Although Louise and Blaine now work together they have said this challenge is separate from their business.

Louise said: “It’s not about one organisation or big name. It’s about the charity, the comrade and about showing driving instructors in a good light.”

Do you want to join in?

Fill in the survey to add your location to the map. Louise will be contacting Children in Need this week so watch for updates on the Facebook group.