Hitachi Capital Driving Instructor Solutions (HCDIS) are offering a Christmas bonus to anyone who takes out a contract hire on a diesel Fiesta by 31 January 2014.

Driving instructors who take up a new Fiesta contract will receive £100 shopping voucher.

ADIs can choose from a range of Fiesta types and HCDIS will work with each instructor to determine the best term and mileage to suit their business and budget.

Mike Brown, General Manager at HCDIS, said: “We want to give people a little extra help for Christmas.

“Taking out a contract hire on a dual-controlled car means you don’t have to worry about ever being off the road because we’ll provide you with a courtesy car. Plus your fixed monthly payments will help you manage your money better.”

Contracts on the Fiesta range start from as little as £43.93 per week plus VAT.

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