The Children in Need relay challenge that is expected to involve hundreds of driving instructors is picking up momentum again.

On the back of last year’s charity appeal, former mid-wife now driving instructor, Louise Walsh, proposed the idea on Facebook and set-up a survey to invite others to express their interest.

Since then, hundreds of instructors have put their name forward.

What is the Children in Need relay?

The idea is that a Pudsey top box is passed from instructor to instructor as they complete a lesson. The relay would take place across the UK.

Louise and others are busy behind the scenes mapping out how the relay might work.

In the meantime, the event is still a hot topic online.

This month, Louise has launched a competition and invited instructors to get their children or relatives to design a t-shirt that can be sold and worn by the relay participants.

Entries must be emailed to Louise by 31 July.

We will shortly see the launch of a website, Facebook page and more details about the event.

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