Our marketing officer, Jemma Redden, shares her pet hates on the road. Tell us how you combat these driving flaws in your lessons and what bad driving habits really bug you too.

You work in a great industry. You can shape the way we interact on the roads. But unfortunately there are still some drivers that ignore the law or just have bad habits. Here’s just some of the bad habits and law-breaking that I see on a regular basis.

I can’t see you

Today it’s been a very foggy morning in the Midlands. So, if you can’t see 200 yards in front of your vehicle how do you expect the person ahead or pulling out of a junction to see you either.

I am amazed at how many drivers didn’t even have side lights on let alone their full lights and fog lights. This is a dangerous practice so why do it?

Bad driving habitsCan you see me?

Driving up to a junction, regardless of which way you want to turn, you shouldn’t have to deal with another driver who is turning in to cut across your lane. I passed my driving test 10 years ago and I can still remember how to approach a junction safely and how to turn. But it sometimes feels like we’ve become an impatient nation – always rushing around.

So, now you can see me but do you really need to be that close? Tailgating is a big cause of accidents. We’ve all seen the safety adverts with the child whose hit at 30mph and then at 40mph. Your speed and your proximity to other cars can make a difference.

Where are you going?

Oh you wanted to go that way. I wouldn’t have known because I didn’t see you indicate. Despite keeping a safe distance (tyres and tarmac) if the driver in front of you decides to turn off then you need quick reflexes to deal with the situation.

Ring, ring…ring, ringBad driving habits

Can you multi-task and still have fast reflexes? Really? Being on your phone behind the wheel is never acceptable.

These are just some of the bad habits that bug me but luckily I work for a company that champions driving instructors to teach new road users to proper skills and knowledge to be safe.

Driving instructors are road safety experts so over to you all – what bad habits do you hate and how do you combat these common driver errors in your lessons?

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