More than 1,400 driving instructors (ADIs and PDIs) were surveyed to find out if they are embracing technology in their business. The study by HCDIS and adiNEWS was a first for the industry. Here’s what we found out.

Becoming more tech savvy is a precursor to a successful business, but is the ADI industry ready? The customer demographic for driving instructors is predominantly aged between 17 and 24. This age group is often referred to as generation-c (connected). The phrase ‘just Google it’ is common place and snapping images wherever they go is the norm too.

So if driving instructors want to attract more learners they need to find them online.

Mike Brown, general manager at HCDIS, said: “With the majority of driving instructors’ target audience addicted to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, this can be an easy win when it comes to growing your business and reaching out to new customers – as well as connecting and communicating quickly and effectively with existing clients.”

Mike added: “It also gives you an easily accessible presence in front of the parents, demonstrating you are the instructor of choice when it comes to teaching their children.”

Here are some of the statistics from the survey:

  • 85% of driving instructors own a smartphone, tablet or both

Smartphones and tablets are widely expected to outsell computers this year

  • 2 in  5 own a iPhone
  • 1 in 4 own a iPad
  • 83% know what an app is

What is an app?
An app is a piece of software that has been specifically designed to run on a smartphone or tablet to make accessing information, a service or product much easier and hassle-free.

  • But 44% don’t use apps to help run their business
  • Training aids were voted the most useful apps – 40%
  • 1 in 20 find diaries and calendar apps useful – 7%
  • Biggest barriers to going digital are cost and confusion
  • Only 3.5% found social media useful

Are driving instructors (ADIs) digital ready?

adiNEWS advise instructors to work in groups with local associations or driving schools to learn new skills together to ease the burden. You can chat to other instructors and share tips on the HCDIS Facebook page.