Let’s take a look at what the holiday season means for driving instructors and some of the top tips to maximise your driving school profile around the holidays.

We all look out for the first shop or house who put their Christmas decorations and presents out early and I know it’s only the middle of September and saying the ‘c’ word will probably ring alarm bells for many wallets and purses around the world. But, Christmas (there I wrote it!) is 99 days away.

So, what does that mean for you and your driving school?

Do you find your learner diary is full, empty or steady?

I spoke to a few driving instructors and posted the question on Facebook and found that the majority prefer to use the season as a good excuse for a break with many confessing to taking a fortnight holiday.

Marc Ford, ADI and author of ADI Part 4: Business Planning, said: “I take a fortnight off so my learner’s don’t feel guilty about missing lessons.”

So, it’s typically a time of year when your lesson diary is empty but other than eating mince pies and putting your feet up, what else could you be doing?

Here’s some tips to boost sales pre-Christmas and ideas to promote your driving school in the midst of the festive season.

Lesson gift vouchers

I remember when my husband and I first got together, I bought him his provisional and a bunch of lessons as a pretty heavy hint that I wanted a chauffeur. So, lesson gift vouchers are a great way to boost your income during a time that is typically quite slow or non-existent for driving lesson income.

Give the gift of freedom this Christmas – this could be a good strapline for your gift voucher sales.

Social media

I imagine gift vouchers being a great present to get your niece or nephew who has just turned 17 but don’t forget your former learners can be a great source too.shutterstock_144326299

If you did a good job then your former learners should be your greatest advocates. Don’t forget to promote your Christmas gift cards (or vouchers) on your social media profiles and ask your former learners to tag a friend to a post to help spread the word.

Local events

Many villages and towns hold Christmas fairs, light switch-on events and so on. Well, this is your prime target audience for promoting your vouchers and New Year lessons.

Speak to your local council, check the papers and even search on Twitter for upcoming events and find out from the organisers if you can park-up nearby and make sure you have plenty of vouchers to sell!

Well, that’s just a couple of ideas to get you thinking creatively about promoting your driving school but if you have other great ideas then login to Twitter and share your tips and @ mention us for an instant RT (retweet) @instructorcars