The paper tax disc will become redundant on Wednesday, 1 October so we’ve come up with 6 ways you can recycle the little bits of paper to give them a new lease of life.


1. Coaster

Mount the paper on to card and create a new coaster for your hot and cold beverages.

2. Glasses

Halloween is around the corner – why not create a pair of glasses to go with your fancy dress costume.

3. Fridge magnet

Find an old magnet and stick the tax disc to the front – voila! A fridge magnet memorabilia piece.
4. Chewing gum wrap

Keep your tax disc in your car and use it to dispose of your chewing gum.

5. Confetti

Have you got a wedding to go to soon? Get out the scissors or shape cutters and create your own homemade confetti.

6. Baking aid

I bet you never though the tax disc could be used in the kitchen. Try using it as a cookie cutter template.

















































































































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