17-year-old Sophie gave us her top tips on how driving schools can use social media to appeal to teenagers. Read on to find out more about the 5 creative ideas for driving instructors.

Sophie joined the team for a work experience day and spent the day learning all about marketing with Jemma, our digital marketing officer.

The pair spent some time talking about the benefits of social media for businesses and Sophie created a mind map and came up with some brilliant ideas for driving instructors to attract more learners.jem and sophie

Vine time

You’ve heard of Facebook and you know about Twitter, but have you heard about Vine?

Vine is a mobile app that allows you to create and share short 6 seconds looping videos.

“I love Vine. It’s so easy to use and it’s great watching other people’s vines too. I think driving instructors could create fun and interesting Vines to appeal to learners.”

Be different

All social media sites are becoming reliant on visuals as sharing easy to digest content becomes key.

“I think driving schools should do something different with the artwork on their cars. I always see the standard white writing on a black car but what about something different and eye-catching that would make you stop and take a photo. Then if your phone number or website is written underneath the artwork then the photo could end up being shared to hundreds of people on Instagram or Twitter.”


Did you know there are scores of emerging internet stars called Youtubers? These internet celebrities are becoming famous thanks to their informative and entertaining video clips. Thousands of young people are seeking fame (and sometimes fortune) through YouTube by recording video clips of themselves giving recommendations, reviews, top tips and more.

“I really like the Simple Skincare products and they recently started using a YouTuber called Zoella in their advertising. Zoella posts videos about her beauty tips and whenever a fan sees her name they will click on it so this was a really good marketing idea.”

Many Youtubers are paid by companies to promote their products through product placement and product reviews.

Sophie suggested that driving schools should work with a Youtuber to promote their lessons.

Personality behind the wheelSoph and Jem1

Whether you have one or more instructors in your driving school, Sophie suggested writing a personal description of each instructor on Facebook.

“I’d be interested to know a little bit about the driving instructors to see which one I would like to learn to drive with.”

“The first thing I ask when I talk to my friends about their driving instructors is, are they nice? I like to hear word of mouth recommendations and I like to know the instructor is a nice person who will help me with my lessons.”


Coming up in part 2, find out what key bits of information Sophie suggests your driving school should include on their website.