Last week, 17-year-old Sophie joined us for work experience and during her visit she shared some tips on how driving schools can appeal to teenagers.

In part 1, Sophie talked about 4 ways driving schools can appeal to teenagers through social media. Re-cap her suggestions here

“When you meet someone at college for the first time and you want to start up a conversation the obvious question is to ask them if they have started to learn to drive.”

Sophie said word of mouth recommendation is a big deal and so is your social media and your website.

It’s the latter that we’re going to talk about today.

“The first thing I do when I want to know more about something is search online.”

We asked Sophie, without looking at any driving school websites, what it is that she would expect or want to see on their websites.

Course content

Most prospective learner drivers have no idea what to expect which can make picking up the phone to book a lesson even more nerve-racking for a teenager.

Sophie has not started to learn to drive yet and she said: “I know from friends that the first lesson is about going over the controls of a car but I don’t know about the other lessons. If a driving school had this information on their website then I’d be more likely to book with them because they have given me more information.”

How many lessons to pass?jem and sophie

It’s a tough one for the driving instructor industry because you have some schools who use marketing tactics to say they will pass you in a week but being honest about the average number of lessons a learner should take to reach a pass is important according to Sophie.

She said: “I have seen those deals where you can pass with only a few lessons but I know that’s unrealistic so I would maybe look for a driving school who can tell me they can help me pass just under the average number of lessons I need.”

Pick up from college

Did you know, when college students have free time? Sophie said that many of her friends use the time to learn to drive. However, some don’t because they think they have to travel all the way home to meet the driving instructor.

Sophie said: “If the driving instructor can just meet you outside of college and start the lesson from there then that would be a big bonus. Even if this is already available I don’t think all teenagers would know about it or feel confident enough to ask because they would presume that wherever the lessons normally start from that they would always have to start from there.”

Sophie recommends adding ‘Pick up from your college available’ so prospective learners know when browsing your website.

Ratings and reviews

I think most driving instructors know that ratings and recommendations is a big deal for them. Sophie agrees and said she would prefer a driving school website that had recommendations from learners above any other site.

“I would want to see people’s comments after lessons to see if they enjoyed it. The one question I ask my friends every time they talk about their driving instructor is ‘are they nice?’ It’s really important that if they recommend someone to me that it’ll be someone who is nice and will be easy to learn from.”

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